Google Pay is compatible with Android devices and provides a super-fast and convenient "one-touch" payment solution by linking with Sacombank cards.

Outstanding features

Card - Wallet Combine

Instant payment

Just one click

Simple procedures

Globally transactions

Online and in person


  • With Google Pay, Sacombank cardholders can use their Android smartphones to pay by "touch" at merchants that accept cards and on websites and apps that accept Google Pay.
  • Sacombank cardholders must securely link their cards to Google Pay in order to execute transfer payments.
  • Apply with:

Sacombank Visa personal credit/debit card.

Phones with at least Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system that support NFC/HCE features.

User instruction

  • Step 1: Download Google Wallet to your phone.
  • Step 2: Connect Sacombank Visa card with Google Pay.
  • Step 3: Pay at merchants that accept Google Pay.

Direct payment at the business with the logo

  • First unlock your phone, then launch the Google Pay application.
  • Choose the payment card.
  • Tap and hold the phone close to the NFC POS machine's contactless scanner.

Online payment at a site or app with a logo

  • When checking out on the shopping website or app, use the Google Pay app.
  • Choose the payment card.
  • Transaction verification.


  • A single card can be installed/integrated on an unlimited number of devices.
  • The transaction authentication technique, which also includes the PIN, numeric/alphabetic/drawn password, and FaceID, is one of the authentication procedures used to unlock customers' installed mobile devices.
  • See further instruction details here.


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