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Samsung Pay is a modern payment method that links your Sacombank cards to Samsung Pay app and make transactions quickly, safely. Customers can make transactions at many merchants globally by simply tapping the smartphone near the POS instead of using cards.


Applied with Sacombank Visa/Mastercard card and Napas domestic payment card.

Integrate Sacombank card into Samsung smartphones and tap to pay.

Integrate Sacombank card into Samsung smartphones and tap to pay.

Participation instruction

1. Install and register

  • Read installation and registration guide here.
  • See list of available Samsung smartphones for Samsung Pay here.


2. Apply for payment card through Samsung Pay

  • Step 1: Register for an application account using Samsung Account on smartphone.
  • Step 2: Choose authentication method for transactions by PIN, fingerprint or iris (depending on smartphone type)
  • Step 3: Scan your Sacombank Card’s information, or enter the details manually. Card's information includes the cardholder's full name and card number. For Sacombank Visa card, expiry date and CVC2 (3 digits printed on the card back) is required.
  • Step 4: Verify the card information and complete the integration. 

Napas card: Authenticate by entering confirmation code (via mobile phone message, Token authentication device or Sacombank's mSign application) on Samsung Pay.

Sacombank Visa / Sacombank Mastercard: Verify through Sacombank Pay application or contact Hotline 1800 5858 88.

* In case a Napas domestic debit card has been integrated into the application before, in order to add Sacombank Visa/Mastercard card to the app, customer just follow step 3 and 4 with the debit card or credit card.

* Notice:

  • Maximum of 10 cards can be register on one Samsung device.
  • One card can be registered on multiple Samsung devices.

3. Pay at merchants

  • Step 1: Swipe the smartphone to open Samsung Pay and choose the prefered card.
  • Step 2: Enter PIN, scan fingerprint or iris to authorize your payment.
  • Step 3: Tap/hold smartphone near POS machine at under 5cm distance and complete the payment. For Napas card, PIN is required.

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