Sacombank Napas Combo Card is an integrated card line between a payment card and a credit card on the same domestic chip. Become a Napas Combo Card cardholder now for exceptional privileges!

Outstanding features

Up to 55 days

Interest fee


Interest instalment


Up to 50% off


Napas Combo Card allows holders to choose the type of card account when checkout or cash withdrawal.

Napas Combo Card integrates the domestic credit and debit card.

Napas Combo Card integrates the domestic credit and debit card.

Credit card: spend on the credit card limit approved by Sacombank based on the cardholder's income.

  • Buy now, pay later with up to 55 days interest free.
  • 0% interest instalment anytime, anywhere.
  • Withdraw cash up to 100% credit limit.
  • Purchase at POS terminals nationwide and over the Internet.
  • Enjoy special offers from Napas.
  • Up to 50% off when dining, shopping, travel, etc.

Debit card: spend cash in the cardholder's payment account registered by Sacombank (associated with the debit card).

Flexible account management anytime, anywhere:

  • Account balance inquiry.
  • Fund transfer to a Sacombank account/card, interbank transfer, transfer to card – receipt by mobile phone (cardless).
  • Cash deposit in a Sacombank card/account at Sacombank ATMs.  
  • Pay Sacombank credit card outstanding balance.

See details: card usage instruction.

Fee schedule

  • Credit limit: from VND 10 million.
  • Annual fee: VND 299,000.
  • Read annual fee exemption/reduction according to the transaction volume here.
  • Read detailed fees here.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants are at least 18 years old.
  • Monthly minimum income from VND 5 million(for living in Ho Chi Minh/ Ha Noi City) or from VND 3 million (for living in the other city/province).

Application Requirements

Register at Sacombank branch/transaction and provide required documents:

Read Terms & conditions here.


See more details promotions here.

Rewards program

Read more about Sacombank Sapphire program at

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