A lot of families have lost the opportunity to own their dream home due to hesitation in complicated loan procedures, the Home Loans solution at Sacombank will help you buy a home more quickly & conveniently.

Outstanding features

Up to 30 years

Reduce your payment pressure

Sponsor 100%

Value of real estate purchase/transfer receip

Simple documents

Quick loan approval, instant disbursement


  • Mortgage with assets based on debt capital.
  • Long loan term helps reduce installment pressure.
  • Advising effective financial solutions.
  • Ensuring the benefits of the parties with Intermediary Payment Service.


  • Loan amount: up to 100% of real estate purchase/transfer receipt value.
  • Loan term: up to 30 years.


  • Citizen identification card, Certificate of residence information.
  • Proof of income documents and capital use purposes.
  • Original of collateral, documents on the real estate intended to be purchased/transfer receipt (purchase and sale contract, deposit contract, quotation form...).

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