Foreign exchange forward transaction

tiết kiệm tích tài
tiết kiệm tích tài
Foreign exchange forward transaction
This is an foreign exchange transaction in which Sacombank and customers commit with each other to buy and sell an amount of foreign currency at a specific exchange rate determined at the time of committing and the payment will be made in the future.

Outstanding features


Forward transaction


Flexible tenor


Competitive forward point


  • Respond to the future payment demand for customers’ legal operating activities such as: import and export payments, foreign loan repayments, foreign investments, unilateral transfers...
  • Optimize the cash flow management.
  • Competitive forward margin, flexible maturity.
  • No transaction costs.
  • Enthusiastic and thorough consulting team.
  • Extensive trading network.
Respond to various demands in optimizing foreign currencies exchange management with Sacombank.

Respond to various demands in optimizing foreign currencies exchange management with Sacombank.


Traded currencies:

  • Foreign currencies/VND.
  • Foreign currencies/Foreign currencies.

Payment terms:

  • Foreign currencies/VND: From 3 to 365 days after the transaction day.
  • Foreign currencies/Foreign currencies: According to the agreement between Sacombank and customers.

Note: The last day of the term in a forward transaction must not be before the payment due date according to the exhibits, documents of customers by 2 working days.

Margin: Customers deposit to the margin in accordance with Sacombank’s current regulations from time to time.

Conditions & Procedure


  • Customers purchase foreign currencies forward: Customers present exhibits and documents providing sufficient information about purposes, amounts, currency types and payment terms, transfer in accordance with current regulations about foreign exchange management and Sacombank.
  • Other cases: No need to present documents.



  • Sign foreign currencies exchange forward contracts.
  • Make a deposit in accordance with current regulations.
  • For more details about the solution, please contact email address:
  • or Sacombank’s Customer Service Center at phone number 1800.5858.88 or the nearest Branches/Transaction offices.

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