Inward remittance
Inward remittance
Inward remittance
Fast, secured and convenient inward remittance service.

Outstanding features


On-site transfer as required

Diverse currencies

Recieve money from many countries


Quick procedures


  • Worldwide network of bank agencies and remittance companies.
  • On-site transfer as required.
  • Simple, quick procedures.


  • Applicable currencies: VND, USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, SGD, GBP, THB, CHF, HKD.
  • Receive by Sacombank account or ID card/Passport.
  • No need for declaration of inward remittance origin.
  • Income tax payment is not required.
Easy, fast inward remittance service.

Easy, fast inward remittance service.


  • Recieve at counter: Passport/ID card.
  • Recieve via account: Name, account number, Swiftcode.

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