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ATM Sacombank

Basic Benefits

Cards issued by Sacombank:
        - Cash withdrawal
        - Balance inquiry 
        - Mini statement of last 5 transactions
        - Sacombank credit card payment
Domestic cards issued by other banks with Napas logo
        - Cash withdrawal  
        - Balance inquiry
        - Mini statement of last 5 transactions
        - Fund transfer to accounts opened at the same bank
International cards of other Banks with Visa, MasterCard, JCB, UPI logos
        - Cash withdrawal
        - Balance inquiry
        - Mini statement of last 5 transactions

Additional benefits

Fund transfer from Sacombank Cards*
        - To other Sacombank accounts/cards
        - To other bank cards with Napas and Visa logo.
        - To receivers without cards: select fund transfer to “Receiver’s mobile phone”.
* Not applicable to fund transfers from credit cards to credit cards
Receiving funds without cards
Receivers press “9” button on the keyboard and enter code received via mobile phone
Bill payment for
        - Landline phones
        - Postpaid mobile phone subscribers
        - Prudential loans
        - Air tickets
        - Recharge for mobile phones

How to apply for Sacombank cards

Online application
Drop your application to Sacombank Branch/Transaction office
Contact 24x7 Customer Service at 1900 5555 88 or (08) 3526 6060 l Email:
Register now
You'll get a quick response when registering online with Sacombank

Products in this group

Online credit card registration

Follow and update documents on the website

Visa Direct Outbound

Money Transfer to overseas Visa cards

Card Security

Use Sacombank cards at ease every time and everywhere with the best security features
Live support
All your queries will be consulted and supported by Sacombank’s personnel.
Call us 1900 5555 88
Sacombank 24/7
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