ATM Sacombank
ATM Sacombank
Sacombank ATMs
Sacombank ATMs offer a safe and convenient transaction experience with a nationwide network.

Outstanding features


Deposit and withdraw cash


Wide network




Cards issued by Sacombank

  • Cash withdrawal.
  • Cash deposit (apply at CDM - a multi-functional Sacombank ATM).

Instruction on ATM cash deposit (See details).

List of eligible CDM machine (See details).

  • Balance inquiry, mini statement of last 5 transactions.
  • Pay off Sacombank credit card outstanding balance.

Domestic and international cards issued by other banks with logos of Visa, Mastercard, JCB, UnionPay, Napas

  • Cash withdrawal.
  • Balance inquiry.
  • Mini statement of last 5 transactions.
Rest assured to deposit money at CRM - Multi-functional Sacombank ATM.

Rest assured to deposit money at CRM - Multi-functional Sacombank ATM.

Other benefits

At any Sacombank ATM across the country, Sacombank cardholders can:

  • Activate and create PIN (see details)
  • Transfer money from Sacombank card:

To Sacombank account/card.

To cards of other banks with

To recipients not using cards (select Cash On Mobile)

Notice: Money transfer from credit card to credit card is not applicable.

  • Quick cash withdrawal by mobile QR code via Sacombank Pay and another bank's application which is applied VietQRCash service.
  • Pay and recharge mobile subscription.


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