A form of demand deposit that helps organizations actively manage their funds and conduct financial transactions conveniently, quickly and safely.

Outstanding features


Currency, account openning channel


Procedures, documents


Trading anytime, anywhere


  • Diversified account opening channels: at counters, linked DPI portal, online (eKYC digital business account).
  • Can choose aAccount number upon request.
  • More convenient when transacting on digital banking, email, card.
  • Effective with non-cash payment tools such as checks, payment orders, collection orders, collection/payment services, payment entrustments, bill payments, payroll, etc.
  • Flexible financial transaction modes with simple accounting model (1-level transaction) or transaction with signature group, multi-level approval model with large-scale corporates.
Open a Corporate payment account at Sacombank to receive many incentives for your business.

Open a Corporate payment account at Sacombank to receive many incentives for your business.


  • Deposit type: VND, foreign currency.
  • Minimum maintained balance: VND 1,000,000 or USD 100.
  • Interest rate: Enjoy non-term interest rate and tiered interest rate according to the average maintained balance.
  • Open an account and make transactions at any transaction point, ATM, or via digital banking.
  • Can use in excess of the balance on the account through the Overdraft utility.
  • Manage fluctuations in balance through the following forms: mobile message (SMS), statement, bank statement at counter/digital banking channel, register to receive bank statement via phone MT940 (SWIFT message statement).


  • Sign the Request form cum contract for registration and using the services
  • Provide legal documents of the organization, the legal representative of the account holder
  • See the sample Request form cum contract of opening and using account here.
  • See terms and conditions for opening and using an account here(*).

(*) Terms and conditions for opening and using this account will be specified in the documents for opening and using the account signed between the Customer and Sacombank.

Fees and Charges



What is the forms of providing documents to open a current account?

At the counter at any bank transaction point or online via Sacombank website.


When does the current account enjoy tiered interest rate?

Tiered interest rate is applied when the average monthly balance of the enterprises reach the specified balance according to the deposit interest rate 


How is the corporate account management fee collected?

Account management fees and other services such as SMS transaction alerts, Online banking management and maintenance... are aggregated and collected in one transaction from the 25th to the last day of every month.

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