Visa Gold Corporate Credit Card enables businesses to take advantage of long-term interest-free capital, thus saving costs and enjoying remarkable preferences from affiliates.

Outstanding features


Business insurance up to VND 11,6 billion


VBR expense management


3D Secure protecion feature


Support bussiness in effective expenditure management:

  • Separation of personal and business payment.
  • No need to advanced funding for business trips.
  • Online expense management  easily via 24/7 Visa Business Reporting - VBR, Sacombank app.


Convenient payment method:

  • Highly secure through 2 layers of authentication with 3D Secure protection.
  • Millions of Points of Acceptance (POS) and Global E-commerce Portal.


Outstanding financial benefits:

  • Offering business insurance package: compensation value up to 11.6 billion VND. Click here to learn more.
  • Cashback promotions.
  • Installment with interest rate 0%.
Sacombank Visa Gold card assists businesses in properly managing their spending.

Sacombank Visa Gold card assists businesses in properly managing their spending.


  • Card limit up to VND 5 billion.
  • Card validity is 5 years.
  • Purchase first, pay later up to 45 days.


Please contact us on:

  • Sacombank branches
  • 24/7 Customer Service Center: 1800 5858 88
  • Email:

Fees and Charges

  • Check out the fee schedule here.


See details of the offer here.



Is there a limit to the number of cards that an organization can register for corporate credit cards for employees?

Unlimited number of credit cards for employees.


Is collateral required during the corporate card registration?

Sacombank has policy for business credit card including collateral and non-collateral.


What is the maximum credit limit for Sacombank corporate credit card?

Up to VND 5 billion.


Can a personal credit card holder at Sacombank apply for a corporate credit card?

Yes, a personal credit card holder at Sacombank is permited to apply a corporate credit card. Sacombank opens a credit limit to enterprise, which can then be authorized to any employee.

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