Sacombank provides export money collection service, helping customers receive money as quickly as possible.

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  • Safe, accurate.
  • Free consultation on export operations.
  • Modern online transactions.
Business progress is guaranteed by Sacombank's Export Collection.

Business progress is guaranteed by Sacombank's Export Collection.


  • Customer exports goods using the collection payment, chooses Sacombank as the collecting bank, and sends the documents abroad for collection.
  • When the importer pays/accepts payment, the collecting bank will hand over the documents to the importer to receive the goods.
  • Sacombank will credit to Customer's account as soon as the money is transferred.


  • Customer presents set of documents and export documentary presentation form to Sacombank.
  • The documents meet Sacombank's Anti-Money Laundering conditions.



When we choose Sacombank as the collecting bank, what are the benefits?

When choosing Sacombank as the collecting bank, Customer is free for charge in consulting and checking documents. In addition, Sacombank discounts bills of exchange and collection documents with a high discount rate.


How to guarantee the documents sent for collection?

In essence, export collection does not have a commitment to pay from the importer's bank, so if Customer wants to have a post-delivery payment guarantee after having a set of documents, Customer can choose export L/C service to better suit Customer's needs.


What costs do we have to pay for this service?

Please refer to the service fee here.

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