Receive overseas funds easily from export deals, sponsorship, capital contribution... from partners around the world.

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  • Fastest automatic credit, the most affordable fee.
  • 24/7 transaction status lookup.
  • Priority for export financing.
Receiving overseas funds easily via Sacombank.

Receiving overseas funds easily via Sacombank.


  • Meeting the needs of receiving payment for export goods, services, investment, etc from foreign partners.
  • Variety of foreign currencies.
  • Tracing the status of transactions here.


  • Request form cum contract of opening and using account.
  • Transaction methods:

At the counter: Please contact the nearest transaction office here

Online: Please register an account here.



What are the outstanding features of receiving overseas funds service at Sacombank?

Beside providing customers with this service, Sacombank also provides the free online lookup tool to check the status of transaction via Swift GPI, helping customers to actively track the incoming money.


How much is the service fee at Sacombank for this service?

Please refer to the service fee here.


What is the maximum amount we can receive from international payment?

Sacombank does not stimulate the amount to be credited to Customer's account at the bank.

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