International payment tracking (via Swift GPI)

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International payment tracking (via Swift GPI)
Tracing transaction status (via Swift GPI) is new technology solutions in international payments that helps Customer be proactive in transferring money and save time.

Outstanding features


Anytime, anywhere


Cost and time


Transaction status


  • Track the international payment.
  • Update and control transactions timely.
Innovative technological solutions for cross-border payment transactions.

Innovative technological solutions for cross-border payment transactions.


  • Check the status of the overseas remittance transaction.
  • Check the status of the inward remittances
  • Check the status of the transaction that has requested cancellation and refund.


Customer registers for international payment service at Sacombank here.



What are the advantages of Swift GPI for Customer as the money transmitters?

  • Free transaction status tracking tool is provided.
  • Actively track transaction status online 24/7.
  • Actively print and wire transfer order as soon as Sacombank completes the transaction.

What benefits does Swift GPI bring to Customer as beneficiary?

  • There is a tool to verify the amount of money that the partner has transferred through the UETR code.
  • Actively track online transaction status 24/7, thereby proactively programming financial plans.

What is UETR code?

  • Each transaction has a distinctive code sequence that is used by all of the banks in the chain as a common reference to identify the transaction. Transactions can be readily sought up using this distinctive reference number.
  • Location of UETR code: 36-character code sequence in field 121, message header MT103.

How do Customer who wants to use the Global Transaction Tracking Program via Swift GPI do?

  • In case Customer already has a user/password to use the program "Electronic invoice" or "loyalty Customer", Customer continues to use it to log in by the following link.
  • In case Customer does not have users account of the above programs, clicks the register button to register online, there is no need to go to the registration counter.

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