With a correspondent bank network around the world, Sacombank provides fast, safe and accurate international remittance service.

Outstanding features


Payment request settlement


Information safety and security


Track the transaction status


  • Simple procedure, competitive exchange rate.
  • Modern online transactions.
  • Priority is given to financing support to pay for imported goods.
Fast and safe overseas funds transfer with Sacombank.

Fast and safe overseas funds transfer with Sacombank.


  • Meet the overseas funds transfer needs of Customer in paying imported goods, service costs, foreign investment, etc.
  • Pay with a variety of foreign currencies.
  • Track the transaction status here.


  • Payment order according to Sacombank's form and documents concerning the purpose of payment.
  • Transaction methods:

At the counter: Please contact the nearest transaction office here

Online: Please register an account here



What is the maximum amount of money allowed in overseas funds transfer?

Sacombank will fulfill the customer's request with the maximum total transfer amount in accordance with the provided documents/documents.


Does Sacombank provide payment services before importers receive goods?

Sacombank provides remittance in advance service, Customer will provide documents related to goods after receiving the goods.

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