Launching stage 15 - "Steps for the community" during Youth Month 2024


On the morning of 25/02, the Kim Lien Relic Area in Nghe An province became the venue for the launch of Stage 15 - "Steps for the Community." This event, marking a significant moment within the 2024 Youth Month Kick-off Ceremony, was brought to life through a collaboration between Sacombank and the Central Vietnam Youth Union. The initiative aims to raise funds for the construction of a community cultural house dedicated to the Dan Lai ethnic group (Bu village, Chau Khe commune, Con Cuong district, Nghe An province)

Mr. Pham Viet Duc, Director of Sacombank Nghe An Branch (right), symbolically donates VND 1 billion towards the community cultural house for the Dan Lai ethnic group.

Following the ceremony, participants are encouraged to visit the website or download the Sacombank Runners app to engage in running or jogging activities that contribute to the fundraising efforts. First-time participants are required to link their runner account with the Strava app to log their performance. The Sacombank Runners platform will keep track of time, speed, and distance, offering a leaderboard and regular updates on achievements to help athletes improve their performance.

Stage 15 is set to conclude on 17/03/2024, with an ambitious goal of accumulating 1 million kilometers of walking or running. Sacombank has pledged to donate VND 1,000 for every kilometer recorded, aiming to contribute a total of VND 1 billion towards the construction of the community cultural house.

Stage 15 - "Steps for the Community" is among the many exciting activities planned for Youth Month 2024, inviting union members and the youth from all over the country to contribute to this noble cause.

Launched in 2020 by Sacombank and the Central Vietnam Youth Union, the "Steps for the Community" program has been a nationwide call to action, encouraging exercise and sports for better physical and mental health. It also highlights the volunteering spirit among Sacombank staff and the country's youth, supporting ethnic minorities in Vietnam and preserving their traditional cultural values.

Over its 14 previous stages, the program has seen significant participation from Sacombank staff, union members, and young people across the country. Six out of fourteen community cultural houses have already been opened, facilitating cultural exchanges and media festivals for the Lu, Chut, La Ha, Bo Y, Mang, and Lo Lo ethnic groups. The remaining cultural houses are scheduled to open this year.

Celebrating 20 years of National Youth Month, the 2024 edition runs from 24/02 to 31/3, featuring numerous initiatives aimed at motivating the youth to contribute to community building.

Sacombank Nghe An Branch employees took part in a commemorative photo session at the Kim Lien Relic Area