Sacombank Announces Winners of "Safety Companion – Prosperity Ignition" Program


Sacombank and Dai-ichi Life Vietnam collaboratively held a prestigious ceremony on 23/01/2024, to present awards to the winners of the "Safety Companion – Prosperity Ignition" promotional program. The ceremony highlighted Mr. Nguyen Van Thieu (customer from the Dong Da Branch, Hanoi), who secured the program's grand prize—a savings passbook valued at VND 600 million. Additionally, 21 other customers from Hanoi and HCMC were recognized for winning first, second, and third prizes. 44 other winners across various regions are set to receive their awards at Sacombank's branches by 07/02/2024.

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Huyen, Sacombank's Deputy Director of the Individual Customer Division, extends congratulations to the winners of the "Safety Companion – Prosperity Ignition" program.

Launched by Sacombank and Dai-Ichi Life Vietnam from 04/10/2023 to 31/12/2023, the "Safety Companion – Prosperity Ignition" lucky draw aimed to encourage participation in new life insurance policies. The program boasted a total prize pool of nearly VND 3 billion, which included not only the grand prize but also 18 first prizes of Australian travel vouchers (VND 60 million each), 20 second prizes of Japanese travel vouchers (VND 35 million each), and 27 third prizes featuring Sacombank Combo Multi-benefit packages with VND 20 million deposited into the winners' payment accounts.

Eligibility for the draw was granted through each VND 20 million paid in first-year insurance premiums, with additional codes available for automatic premium collection service enrollment, policies involving female policyholders or insureds, submissions on Vietnamese Women's Day, and for existing customers who added supplementary insurance contracts during the promotional period.

Mr. Le Tuan Anh, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam's Senior Director of Expansion Distribution Department, discusses the successful partnership between Sacombank and Dai-ichi Life VN.

The draw, conducted on 12/01/2024, selected 66 fortunate customers to receive the valuable prizes, with winners announced on and

At the award ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Thieu expressed the importance of health protection and his satisfaction with the insurance advice provided by Sacombank, which led to his participation and subsequent win.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Thieu shares: "In these uncertain times, safeguarding our health is crucial. The future is unpredictable, but we have the autonomy to choose how we protect ourselves and our loved ones from potential risks. Opting for insurance not only enhances my sense of security but also signifies my care for my family. The thorough and attentive guidance provided by Sacombank's staff played a key role in my decision-making process. Encouraged by their support, I confidently enrolled in two Dai-ichi Life Vietnam insurance policies for my family. Winning the grand prize was an unexpected joy, underscoring the value of my decision to prioritize our health and well-being."

Sacombank continues to offer exceptional value to life insurance customers with ongoing benefits, including up to 30% contract refunds and 0% installment conversion fees. Additionally, a Tet Holiday promotion from 15/02 to 29/02/2024, offers new contract customers lucky money of VND 379,000 and a VND 79,000 reward for second-year premium payments. The ANKHANG code for K-care cancer insurance purchases through Sacombank Pay between 15/02 and 31/03/2024, guarantees a 10% discount, with unlimited promotional codes and contracts per customer.

Sacombank's Hanoi Region Director, Mr. Tran Anh Viet, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, Dai-ichi Life VN's Sales Director for the Hanoi Region, present the grand prize to Mr. Nguyen Van Thieu (customer from the Dong Da Branch, Hanoi)

Celebratory moments with Sacombank and Dai-ichi Life VN representatives alongside the winners from HCMC 

Celebratory moments with Sacombank and Dai-ichi Life VN representatives alongside the winners from Hanoi.

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