Sacombank Pay received the award for trusted products and services in Vietnam


The Sacombank Pay digital banking application was announced by the Vietnam Economic Magazine – VnEconomy as one of the Top 10 trusted products and services in the Banking - Insurance - Securities industry group in Vietnam.

Adhering to the theme "Essential, practical - Pioneering breakthrough," the program specifically applauds products and services that cater to the daily needs of consumers.

This year’s program also hornors products that lead in applying new technologies, embracing digitization, and prioritizing environmental sustainability for optimized operations, production, sales management, and effective marketing.

Sacombank Pay, with over 5 million trusted customers, fully aligns with the program's criteria. The application seamlessly integrates modern technologies to provide a comprehensive digital banking experience that covers essential financial services.

Users can conduct a variety of transactions, including 24/7 money transfers, online savings deposits, bill payments, and purchases of goods and services through affiliated partners, all without incurring any fees.

Sacombank Pay also facilitates swift processes such as opening payment cards and virtual credit cards within 5 seconds. The application enables quick and hassle-free money transfers through features like VietQR, eliminating the need to enter account numbers. Additionally, users can make cross-border payments by scanning QR codes, facilitating transactions in VND in countries like Thailand and Cambodia, and using QR EMV codes of major global card networks such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and UnionPay.

Throughout 2023, Sacombank Pay underwent significant upgrades, introducing features like cash withdrawal via VietQR code at ATMs of various banks, integration with Apple Pay for convenient payments, and the addition of new services like golf course bookings and flower ordering, enhancing the diversity of customer services.

Ensuring the safety and security of user data, Sacombank Pay holds the PCI DSS certification—the highest global standard for security and confidentiality in card issuance and acceptance. The application has successfully maintained this certification for 10 consecutive years, underscoring Sacombank's continuous commitment to enhancing and upgrading its information technology infrastructure.

The remarkable increase of 172% in transaction numbers and 168% in transaction values on Sacombank Pay in the past year compared to 2022 is a testament to Sacombank's dedication to enhancing the quality of digital services, addressing the diverse needs of users, and staying ahead of the evolving landscape of digital finance.

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