Sacombank allocates over VND 5 billion for insurance customer fee refunds


From now until 31/07/2024, Sacombank is allocating over VND 5 billion for a fee refund program for customers with Dai-ichi Life Vietnam life insurance policies at Sacombank.

Specifically, customers who pay the second-year renewal premium with a basic premium (BP) of VND 5 million or more will receive a refund of up to VND 3 million.

Additionally, Sacombank will refund 20% of the BP, up to VND 2 million, for the first 500 insurance policies reinstated during the program period. The refunded amounts will be transferred to the customer's Sacombank payment account or Sacombank Pay account.

Moreover, customers who have insurance policies at Sacombank, whether the policyholder or the insured, with contracts issued before 22/03/2024, have the opportunity to participate in the promotional program “Step into happiness - Fill pockets with gold”, which runs until 30/06/2024. Customers will be awarded 7% of the initial premium (IP) when they introduce and encourage friends and family to purchase their first insurance policy at Sacombank with an IP of VND 20 million or more. They also have the chance to receive an additional 0.5 SBJ gold tael if they are among the top 8 customers who successfully introduce the most insurance contracts or the top 8 customers with the highest total referral premiums.

To provide the best benefits for life insurance participants, Sacombank regularly implements various promotions with attractive prizes and conveniences, in addition to ongoing mechanisms such as up to 35% cashback for new contracts and 0% fee installment conversion refunds.