Sacombank links payment with Garmin Pay - A contactless payment solution for smartwatches


On 01/04/2024, Sacombank officially partnered with Garmin Pay, offering a contactless payment solution on Garmin's smartwatch devices. This initiative continues to be one of the many optimal solutions deployed by Sacombank to personalize users' financial experiences on a collaborative technology platform.


To use this service, customers can add their Sacombank Visa debit or credit card to their Garmin smartwatch through the Garmin Connect app, which is downloaded and installed on their mobile device, and then set up a password to make payments quickly, safely, and securely.

Garmin Pay is compatible across multiple platforms, not limited to Android or iOS, and utilizes contactless payment technology, enabling transactions at any POS/mPOS terminals that feature NFC. Now, users can confidently go about their daily activities, including leisure and entertainment, without the need to carry a wallet or physical cards—just wear a Garmin watch integrated with Sacombank Visa for quick payment at stores, supermarkets, cinemas, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam, Deputy CEO of Sacombank, shared: "We constantly strive to pioneer in providing simple, seamless payment experiences, helping customers manage their spending smartly and easily. Garmin Pay represents a step towards expanding Sacombank's cashless payment ecosystem, and we believe it will be well-received, especially by our active, sport-loving young customers."

"Garmin is excited about the partnership with Sacombank, demonstrating our commitment to expanding the reach of Garmin Pay in the Vietnamese market. As a leading brand in smart wearable devices, we will continue to contribute to the development of smart payment markets and promote a convenient, active lifestyle to users," said Mr. Scoppen Lin, Deputy General Director of Garmin Asia.

Garmin Pay allows independent payments on the watch without storing bank card numbers on the device, ensuring maximum security. Once the password is entered successfully, users can make unlimited transactions across various services—from dining and shopping to entertainment and transportation—without re-entering the password for 24 hours while the watch is worn.

If the watch is removed from the wrist or if the heart rate monitoring device is turned off, it will request the password again before payment. Additionally, Garmin Pay will automatically lock after three incorrect password entries, requiring users to reset their password in the Garmin Connect app to continue.

During the launch period, Sacombank is offering several promotions for customers. Specifically, the first 1,000 customers to add a Sacombank Visa card and make a transaction of at least VND 200,000 via Garmin Pay will receive a VND 100,000 rebate. Customers will receive an additional VND 200,000 rebate for making five transactions through Garmin Pay totaling at least VND 2 million. Moreover, Sacombank offers a VND 500,000 rebate for customers purchasing Garmin watches worth at least VND 10 million and paying via Sacombank Visa.

Introduced in 2017, Garmin Pay is now used in 94 countries worldwide. With the slogan "Tap to Pay - Free to Move," Garmin Pay is particularly popular among athletes (runners, cyclists, swimmers, etc.), who prefer not to carry too many items like cash, phones, or bank cards yet still need to pay for essential services like food and drinks during training.

For any inquiries, customers can contact 1800 58 58 88 or visit the Sacombank and Garmin websites for more details.