Sacombank offers great incentives for account holders who re-engage with the banking services


Sacombank is rolling out an enticing promotion, "Trade now to gain present," to motivate account holders to re-engage with the banking services. From 01/02/2024 until the end of the year, Sacombank is offering the chance to win up to 352 SJC maces of gold and tens of thousands of cashback opportunities.

This promotion targets individual customers with a Sacombank payment account inactive for the last six months (as of the end of November 2023). Customers reigniting their transaction activities will benefit from the waiver of any outstanding account management fees. Additionally, they will be granted a complimentary Multi-benefit Combo package for 12 months from the date of their re-engagement transaction.

Moreover, the first 3,200 customers monthly who recharge their mobile phones with a minimum of VND 100,000 will enjoy a VND 50,000 cashback. Sacombank is also setting the stage for 11 lottery draws throughout the promotion period, offering 352 lucky winners a chance to secure SJC maces of gold. Account holders who resume transactions with a minimum spend of VND 100,000 and maintain a balance of at least VND 100,000 on the last day of each month will be eligible for a prize code to enter the lottery.

To amplify the chances of winning gold, account holders can accumulate up to 10 bonus codes per draw period each month. Engaging in phone top-ups via Sacombank Pay, Internet Banking, or Mobile Banking with a minimum of VND 100,000 will net 2 additional bonus codes, while transactions of VND 1 million or more through a Sacombank account earn 1 extra bonus code.

Sacombank Pay facilitates a wide array of transactions such as money transfers, instant digital account/debit card openings, quick credit card processing, savings deposits, consumer loans, bill payments, online shopping for various tickets and services, QR code payments across Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, cardless ATM withdrawals, and personal QR code generation, among others.

For more detailed information, please contact Hotline 1800 5858 88 or visit here.

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