Sacombank pioneered the launch of buttonless switchboard


Sacombank, in collaboration with FPT Smart Cloud, has recently initiated the deployment of an innovative customer care switchboard. This cutting-edge platform follows the model of a smart switchboard, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance communication and interaction with customers. This initiative aims to enrich the digital experience for customers by ensuring that no messages or calls go unanswered.

Sacombank is a front-runner in the banking sector by integrating AI into the 24/7 hotline service at 1800 5858 88. This AI-powered smart virtual assistant is adept at quickly identifying customer needs through keyword recognition and providing precise responses in a natural, human-like manner. The remarkable aspect of this technology is that it allows customers to interact using their voice without the need for traditional button pressing.

Initially, Sacombank's AI virtual assistant will offer support in handling urgent lock requests and guiding customers through self-service options for card-related inquiries. These services include card activation, blocking/unblocking cards due to incorrect PIN entries, resetting transaction limits, and card cancellation. This system is designed to simplify transaction processes for customers. For more complex inquiries, the virtual assistant is programmed to route calls directly to the relevant support department.

Moreover, Sacombank has extended the application of AI to the customer support chatbots on the website and the Sacombank Fanpage. These Chatbots are available 24/7, equipped to autonomously manage a wide array of customer needs, from providing details on card offerings and loans to offering consultancy on credit cards and interest rates, and guiding users on how to open or block cards. The Chatbots engage in detailed and natural conversations with customers.

“The growing demand among customers, particularly the younger demographic, for immediate and swift service fulfillment. The incorporation of AI into hotline services and chatbots marks a significant stride towards enhancing customer satisfaction, elevating service quality, and propelling Sacombank towards its goal of comprehensive digital transformation. The bank plans to further expand the capabilities of AI by automating more tasks in collaboration with its partners, ultimately delivering greater convenience and value to our customers” - Sacombank spokesperson shared.

FPT Smart Cloud, a subsidiary of the FPT Group and its 8th member, is a tech entity specializing in the provision of AI application platforms and cCloud Computing on a global scale. Its mission is to bolster operational strength and facilitate business breakthroughs, with FPT.AI and FPT Cloud standing out as its flagship offerings.

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