Identifying new scam tactics to protect assets from high-tech crime


Recently, scammers have increasingly employed new technological tactics to gain control over users' phones and carry out various illegal activities, the most serious of which involves stealing money from bank accounts.

Unlike before, these individuals are targeting not only Android users but also iPhone (iOS) users.

The fraudsters lure victims into installing unknown apps, thereby gaining control over the device and stealing money from bank accounts through:

  • Accessibility services on Android phones
  • Message Filtering feature on iPhones (iOS operating system)

To protect and enhance customer benefits, Sacombank earnestly hopes that our customers will heighten their vigilance against these new scam tactics. Please review and follow the recommendations to join Sacombank in protecting your assets.


🚩 Wave The Flag: This section is developed by Sacombank to warn about scam tactics targeting customers. It also aims to raise awareness and knowledge about information security and data protection to help customers not become victims of cybercrime!