Get bursting refund and gold when making payment withSacombank debit card


From 03/4/2023 to 31/12/2023, Sacombank launches the program "Super Combo - Million offers" for individual customers who register for a Combo package with products and services such as: current account, debit card, Sacombank Pay, eBanking, etc. The total value of incentives is up to more than VND29 billion.

Specifically, Sacombank debit cardholders (including physical and virtual cards) making payment at supermarkets and convenience stores with a total transaction value from VND1 million/month will get a 2% refund. The maximum refund amount per month is VND300,000/customer. Thus, after 9 months from the program start date, customers can be refunded up to VND2.7 million.

At the same time, Sacombank is going to organize 3 lucky draws with a total number of prizes up to 297 maces of SJC gold. Customers only need to meet one of the following conditions to participate in the lucky draw: Open a new Combo package, the account balance reaches a minimum of VND3 million at the time of data closing of each drawing period or make payment via VietQR.

Sacombank debit card provides customers a variety of services and utilities such as: Payment at millions of POS worldwide; Safe and fast online payment with OTP security code; Deposit cash into Sacombank card/account at Sacombank's counters, ATMs or receive transfers inside and outside the system; The account balanceenjoys competitive interest rate; etc.

For more information, please contact Hotline 1800 5858 88 or visit website Online register card at website