(Mr. Phan Dinh Tue - Deputy CEO cum President of Local Trade Union of Sacombank participatied in blood donation.)


(A number of Sacombank’s employees, members of Youth Union participated in blood donation)

​"Sacombank - Sharing from the Heart" is to be positive response the blood donation campaign "Red Journey 2015" – national humanitarian campaign which was steered by The National Steering Committee for the Vietnam voluntary blood donation campaign. Up to 8th October 2015, the blood donation campaign "Sacombank - Sharing from the Heart" is going to continue to be implemented in other provinces with the participation of more than 600 Sacombank’s employees. This significant activities of Sacombank's staff towards practical action  to celebrate Vietnamese National Day 2/9, while contributing additional blood to hospitals and medical facilities for rescue operations disease in the community.
Apart from such mention program, Sacombank has also organized many community-oriented programs such as: annual "Charity Day" for more than 6,000 elderly and lonely children and disabilities; Scholarship "Sacombank germinates dreams" for more than 3,000 who have difficulty yet achieving good results each year; program "Sacombank’s potential Trainee” supplies employed opportunities for thousands of senior students; Signing a cooperation agreement providing training and human resources to the universities; Training skills for Small Business sales in markets; the Vietnam Wild "with Sacombank run for public health" in every provinces. Besides, Sacombank has also invested in (art)benches in cultural centers, parks, schools, hospitals, airports...; constructed public toilets free of charge; support for “National Sea Island” program; aid disaster victims in need; building houses of gratitude; contribute to the charity funds, fund shelters ...


(A number of Sacombank’s employees, members of Youth Union participated in blood donation)