Happy summer with Sacombank


From April 17, 2017 to July 12, 1977, Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank) launched the promotion program "Happy summer" for individual customers who open saving account, using banking service at any transaction points of Sacombank nationwide and for customers using e-banking services with a total reward value of almost VND 12 billion.

Accordingly, for each savings deposit of VND5 million with term of 12 months, or VND100,000 accumulated from service fee, or receiving remittances from USD1,000 by Sacombank, or first activation and delivery 01 financial transactions (payment, transfer, deposit ...) through Sacombank eBanking, customers will receive a lucky number to participate in lucky draw held every 2 weeks. The award structure is as following:

  • 1 Special prize which is a saving book worth VND1 billion;
  • 108 first prizes (including 54 savings books and 54 Honda Lead / Air Blade motors) worth 40 million VND / prize;
  • 150 second prizes (including 75 savings books and 75 Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 phones) worth VND10 million / prize;
  • 240 third prizes (including 80 savings books, 80 Canon cameras and 80 air purifiers) worth VND4 million / prize;
  • 480 fourth private (including 160 Panasonic steam steamers, 160 Panasonic vacuum cleaners and 160 Kangaroo steam fans) worth VND2 million / prize.
  • 4,800 incentive prizes (including 1,600 travel cases, 1,600 omron blood pressure meters, 1,600 sets of telephone accessories) worth VND550,000 / prize.

The lucky draw is going to take place on 09/5; 24/5; 07/6; 21/6; 05/7 and 19/7/2017.

Particularly, customers using Sacombank eBanking also have opportunities to participate in the lucky draw on July 19, 2017 with the structure of awards including 5 first prize, each is a savings book worth VND5 million; 10 second prizes, each prize is a savings book worth VND3 million; 50 third prize, each prize is a electronic prepaid card worth VND1 million and 300 incentive prize, each prize is a travel case worth VND550,000.

For detailed information, please contact:

  • All transaction office over the nation;
  • Hotline 1900 5555 88;
  • Email: ask@sacombank.com;
  • Website: www.sacombank.com.vn / khuyenmai.sacombank.com