Optimizing cash flow


Sacombank has offered an auto-deposit product for corporate customers to maximize profit from excess money in current accounts.

Accordingly, when the balance of the current account exceeds the given amount stated in the contract, the surplus funds will be automatically credited to the term deposit account with a higher interest rate. It depends on use of funds and profit expectation, enterprises can choose to receive interest on deposits at maturity, monthly or quarterly. 

Sacombank has also launched an Intermediary Payment service to help enterprises build trust with partners in contract payment transactions. Sacombank plays a role in detail as an intermediary to ensure benefits and to make payments quickly, accurately and timely in compliance with the agreements between the parties on assets transfer, purchase/sales of products and services, etc.

Sacombank has previously launched corporate accounts and services packages including 4 combos for corporate customers to choose. Corporate customers will get a saving of up to 40% of total charges compared to that of a registration for each product and each service. This program is open until June 30th 2018. 

For more information, please visit www.sacombank.com.vn or www.khuyenmai.sacombank.com, or call us at 1900 5555 88 (our hotline 24/7) or email to ask@sacombank.com.