Sacombank cardholders to pay with smartphone using Samsung Pay


Right after the launch of Sacombank Contactless, Sacombank in cooperation with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.(SAVINA) introduces Samsung Pay, another payment technology which is a mobile application allowing Samsung smartphones’ users to load their bank cards to the platform so that they may tap their phones on POS to pay in stores in a faster and safer way. Especially, from 14 to 28 September 2017, Sacombank carholder, who is in the list 5,000 and 3,000 first users of Samsung Pay, will get a CGV 2D movie ticket and a Samsung Power Bank 5.1 A charger respectively.

In detail, Samsung Pay is currently applicable for Plus debit cards and will be ready for Sacombank Visa and MasterCard cards in 2018.The application is automatically installed on the lastest version of available Samsung smartphones, which can be looked up on For the first time of using Samsung Pay, cardholders ought to register an account as follows:
1. Use their smartphones’ Samsung account to register the new account
2. Register the authentication method of PIN, fingerprint or iris, which depends on their using smartphone
3. Load the card information including cardholder’s name and card number or snap a picture of the card front
4. Enter the OTP received via SMS to finish

To make a payment in store with Samsung Pay, cardholders open the application and choose the Sacombank card (Plus, Visa or MasterCard card) to pay, then authenticate the transaction by registered method and tap the phone on POS.