Sacombank offers the comprehensive financial services package


Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial JS Bank (Sacombank) launches the Comprehensive financial package for Sacombank Imperial customers with the satisfaction of the demand for maximizing earnings from idle funds.

The comprehensive financial services package comprises of one primary product referred to as the comprehensive account along with special preferences. With this account, the customer can deposit unlimited amount of money for many times as well as get a bonus interest rate in the consecutive quarters when the average balance of the account in the recent quarter reaches the level of requirement. Simultaneously, the customer can also get preferred interest rates for Phu Dong savings product and an comprehensive financial savings book-based loan; discounted when purchasing foreign currencies at the Bank, a decline of fees for car insurance and home insurance.  

The banking premier - Sacombank Imperial was founded in 2011 to serve customers who have deposits from VND5 billion or the same amount in foreign currencies in HCMC/Hanoi; or from VND3 billion or the same amount in foreign currencies in other provinces. Sacombank Imperial customers will get Sacombank Visa Imperial Signature payment card, Visa Platinum credit card in order to enjoy many preferences such as priority served at any Sacombank’s transaction offices, free of annual fee for the primary cardholders, cash repayment when purchasing goods with Sacombank Visa Imperial Signature, global travel insurance with compensation amount up to VND10.5 billion for domestic and overseas trips, compensation for flight delay, luggage lost, Priority Pass given with free unlimited passes at more than 1,000 Vip lounges at domestic and international airports, free airport shuttle services by car, global 24/7 support services via the own phone hotline, etc.  

For more details, please contact us at any transaction offices or call us at the hotline of Sacombank Imperial 1900 5555 88 (press 1, then press 9) or email to