The joy of sharing


It is very great to be a blood donor. For every time we give blood, our blood will be classified to serve patients’ needs; a unit of blood given can save the lives of about 3 to 4 people. Moreover, there is currently no product that can replace blood in medical treatments, especially for infants. That further affirms the importance and the meaning of blood donation.

After 5 years of its launch, this year’s charitable blood donation themed "Sacombank - sharing from the heart" continues to be held in response to the blood donation program named "Red Journey"- the national humanitarian campaign led by the National Steering Committee for voluntary blood donations in Vietnam, supported by the central ministries and branches in order to deal with blood shortage in hospitals and health offices across the country and to prevent thalassemia as well.
This program was kick-started at Sacombank’s transaction offices nationwide from 07/07/2017. In the series of events, the program especially attracted more than 500 participants - the Bank’s staff working in HCMC when held at Sacombank’s Head Office on 18/9/2017.

In the early morning, Sacombank's employees working at its Head Office
and its transaction offices in Ho Chi Minh City eagerly gather to perform their noble deeds.

Quickly registering for the program - the first step of the blood donation process

Drinking tea with sugar together to promote health

Blood pressure is measured carefully by the doctor

Health checks is conducted before the doctor decides whether the employee can donate blood

Donating blood!

There is no fear, only excited and happy to get involved in humanitarian activities

Mr. Le Van Ron - Deputy General Director accompanies this year's program

Employees working in departments actively join the blood donation

Foreign partners of Sacombank donate blood

Taking a rest after donating blood

Certificate of "sharing love"

The final step in the process is ... to receive a gift!

Blood is stored very carefully and professionally

Staff from Blood Donation Center of Ho Chi Minh City receive blood to transfer to
Blood Transfusion & Hematology Center; thereby, that helps to solve blood shortage in hospitals and health offices