“Use more – Get more discount off” at Sacombank


In order to increase utility as well as to save service fee for customers, Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank) launches "Use more – Get more discount off" programs for individual customers to register new or buy more to get full Combo service package which saving up to VND 439,200.

-    Combo 01 including Payment Account, Payment Card (Plus / Visa / MasterCard), Alert.
-    Combo 2 includes Payment Account, Payment Card, Automatic Alert and Internet Banking / Mobile Banking.
In particularly:



Offer 6 months using Combo, save up to VND292,800

  • New or existing customers buying more to complete Combo 1 or Combo 2 together with opening future Deposit Savings or Auto Billing.
  • Or customers who have a saving book with specific term; having loan or using credit card of Sacombank.

Offer 9 months to use Combo, save up to VND439,200

  • New or existing customers register or buy more to complete Combo 1 or Combo 2 with Future Deposit Savings account and Auto Billing.
  • Or customers who have savings book with specific term or who are borrowing or using Sacombank credit card registering for Combo service together with opening Future Deposit Saving account or Auto bill payment.
For detailed information, please contact:
•    All Transaction Point in Vietnam, hotline 1900 5555 88;
•    Email: ask@sacombank.com;
•    Website: www.sacombank.com.vn.