Visa has a meeting with Sacombank


On July 26th 2017, Visa Company had a meeting with Sacombank in regard with the cooperation between two parties. Mr. Chris Clark, Chairman of Visa Inc. for Asia Pacific and Ms. Nguyen Duc Thach Diem, CEO of Sacombank talked about the cooperation’s effectiveness between Visa and Sacombank in the past, as well as indicated development orientation for products and services, card functions in order to increase utilities and to use modern payment technology serving Vietnamese people in years to come.

Over the years, Sacombank is a pioneer to issue Visa premium cards such as Platinum card, Infinite and to apply the modern payment technology -Visa Direct, Sacombank Contactless (Visa payWave) in Vietnam. The card market share and card performance have been growing significantly in years. According to a Visa’ report, as of 1Q/2017, total sales of Sacombank’s Visa cards was among Top 3 in the Vietnam market. 

Ms. Nguyen Duc Thach Diem stated, besides focusing on development of cards’ functions, Sacombank will issue co-brand cards in collaboration with big corporations in Vietnam. The Bank will form a project team to coordinate with Visa so as to do research, to apply technologies and modern sales approach along with traditional one as well that fit Vietnamese culture.

Mr. Clark said that Visa is committed to supporting Sacombank in researching procedures, online business models in order to help the Bank find customers easily, as well as advising the Bank on developing a card product line with utilities based on applying modern digital technology.