Customers can adjust/return money transfer orders when using Internet Banking of Sacombank


From now on, individual and corporate customers who mistakenly in money transfering order through Sacombank's e-banking channels including Internet Banking ( and Mobile Banking (Sacombank mBanking application) can quickly adjust or refund the previously created money transfer order on Internet Banking.

Specifically, customers will not be limited to the number of adjustments per transaction with the adjusted information including: Full name of the person being transferred; account number; NationalD/Passport/Citizen identity card, date of issue, place of issue and explanation of money transfer. Each customer will be refunded the money order once per transaction. Transactions that apply the function of adjusting/refunding money orders include transferring money in Sacombank internal system receiving by NationaID card/Passport/Citizen ID card and transferring money to another bank by the interbank method. ;

In April 2018, Sacombank officially launched the new version of Electronic Banking service (Sacombank eBanking) for both Internet Banking ( and Mobile Banking channels with many outstanding features on a high-security technology platform such as: allowing users to save and name the recipient when transferring money for later use; pay utilities bills such as electricity, water, telephone, television… quickly and without registration; The new feature also allows customers to defer their future deposits and online mortgage loans with online time deposits, online multi-function deposits, online savings registration without going to the bank; Businesses can easily register for tax online including electronic tax payment service - domestic tax and import-export tax service 24/7 and make payroll for the number of employees up to 1,000 people with just one transaction...

For detailed information, customers please kindly contact Hotline 1900 5555 88; access website