Sacombank creates job opportunities for students


3rd year students can confidently accept job opportunities at Sacombank while still in school.

With the motto of accompanying the common development of the community and society, along with the desire to promptly detect and foster qualified and capable students to become full-time employees, Sacombank has created many practical playground for students of all economic sectors across the country. In which, the most prominent is the program "Sacombank Semester" for third-year students and the "Potential Intern" program for final year students.

“Sacombank semester” – official job opportunity for 3rd year students

Sacombank is proud to be the pioneer and the only bank implementing the standard internship program for new 3rd year students.

Organized for the first time in 2015 for the 3rd year students of the Economics major, after 4 years of implementation, nearly 500 students have been accepted, of which more than 80% of students have been officially recruited. From just piloting at Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Law in 2015, this year, the "Sacombank Semester" program has been expanded at 7 universities including: Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, University of Science and Technology Industry, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Ton Duc Thang University, Van Hien University, Hai Phong University and Can Tho University. After being admitted, trainees will be apprenticed at Sacombank's transaction office nationwide in three phases: Training - Apprenticeship - Practical work experience for a period of 5 months. Specifically, the Training period lasts 1 month, the students will be trained on Sacombank's products and operating procedures and banking skills; The next 2 months are the Apprenticeship period, students will be guided by official staff of Sacombank and apply their learned knowledge to specific working situations; The last 2 months are the period of practical work experience, students will be able to work directly at Sacombank's transaction points.

80% of potential interns become official employees of Sacombank

"Potential Intern" is one of Sacombank's community meaningful programs because it has contributed to creating high-quality human resources and helping students find jobs while still in school.

The program is organized annually by Sacombank to create opportunities for students to practice, approach practice, and receive professional training at Sacombank. Potential Interns will not only experience the job but also receive a "salary" like a real banker because Sacombank will support an allowance during the internship program. This is also an opportunity for Sacombank to discover and foster qualified and capable students to become full-time employees after finishing the internship.

Started in 2010, nearly 6,000 students have become potential interns at Sacombank, of which more than 80% of students have been officially recruited after finishing the internship and have completed their internships. There are many employees who have reached the management level.

It is expected that this year, Sacombank will continue to recruit 1,000 more excellent students to intern at Sacombank's transaction points nationwide with positions such as Customer Specialist, Consultant and Teller.