Sacombank launched international online money transfer solution


Sacombank has launched an online international money transfer solution called eFT (electronic oversea fund transfer) which integrated into online international payment method to enhance convenience for businesses. Thus, when the demand for international money transfer arises, enterprises can perform online transactions without going to the bank.

Through e-banking (Internet Banking), eFT allows businesses to implement: online money transfer; adjust the control of transfer money orders; query the wire transfer made. The outstanding utility of this eFT solution is that businesses can submit online documents in lieu of paper documents in order to save time and simplify procedures.

Along with eL/C payment method which was implemented recently, online international payment transactions can be done anytime, anywhere via Sacombank Internet Banking. Besides, the Bank also connected many e-banking and specialized banking solutions such as: L/C import and export which bring more utility experiences for businesses.

Sacombank currently provides service products to more than 160 thousand corporate customers including small and medium enterprises, large enterprises and FDI enterprises across the system. The Bank is implementing a variety of products and services for this customer segment such as deposit products, payment, credit, import and export financing services, international guarantee and payment; e-banking services for enterprises, cash flow management... Besides, Sacombank has continuously implemented preferential loans for newly established enterprises with import-export activities and enterprises in the agricultural sector. high-tech industry, manufacture corporation of specific industries, and sponsoring distributors.

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