Sacombank payment cardholders can activate, lock and unlock cards with text message


Sacombank has launched a feature allowing cardholders to activate, lock or unlock all types of payment cards with text message (SMS) manually after the bank applied it for credit cardholders since 2017.

Accordingly, in addition to calling the Customer Service Center or visiting Sacombank's transaction offices nationwide, Sacombank's debit/credit card holders can proactively text THE KICHHOAT to activate the card, text THE KHOA to lock the card, or text THE MOKHOA to unlock the card to 8149 anytime (with a fee of VND1,500).

Furthermore, Sacombank cardholders (excluding anonymous prepaid cardholders and corporate cardholders) can download the mCard mobile app free of charge from the Google Play or the App Store to use the features of activation, locking and unlocking cards in "Card management". mCard is an application that integrates all types of Sacombank cards, helping cardholders make transactions and manage cards easier with many facilities such as scanning QR codes for global payments, withdrawing cash from Sacombank’s ATMs nationwide without a plastic card, viewing balance, transactions history, credit limit, credit card transaction notifications, purchasing non-physical prepaid card, etc.

From October 22, 2018, Sacombank will cease issuing automatically PIN reminder letters to individual credit cardholders. Instead, to create a PIN, cardholders contact Sacombank’s transaction offices nationwide, or get a PIN free of charge on mCard app, or text THE CAPPIN to 8149 (with a fee of VND1,500), Sacombank will send a SMS reply with the link to the website issuing a card PIN.

For more information, please call our hotline at 1900 5555 88 or 028 3526 6060, visit the website and apply for a card online at