Sacombank recruits 800 potential interns in 2019


From September 17, 2018 to the end of November 30, 2018, Sacombank organized a series of Potential Intern Recruitment Day 2019 at 43 universities across the country for final-year students in various fields: economics, finance - banking, business administration, mathematics... The goal of the program is to recruit 800 excellent students to practice at Sacombank's transaction offices nationwide for such positions as customer specialists, card business agents, banking consultants and tellers.

The "Potential Internship" program is organized annually by Sacombank to create opportunities for final-year students to practice in real life and experience the professional working environment at the bank. Potential interns are both embarked on the practical work and receive an allowance during the internship. This is also an opportunity for qualified and capable students to become full-time staff after the internship process ends.

The "Potential Internship" program has been implemented by Sacombank since 2010, up to now has nearly 7,000 intern, of which more than 70% of students have been officially recruited after completing the program. This is one of the annual programs contributing to build community under the motto "Together we grow" of Sacombank because its contribution to creating high quality human resources and supporting job creation for students while they are still in the university.

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