Launching the “Sacombank Youth Program”


Ho Chi Minh City, April 20, 2019: The leadership of Sacombank and hundreds of Sacombank employees joined the launching event of "Sacombank Youth Program" to kick off physical training activities all over the system. At the kick-off event, the athletes together took yoga and flash mob dance, participated in jogging session with 2 distance - 03 km (Female) and 05 km (Male and Female). This is also an opportunity for Sacombank's staff to learn from each other, to train themselves and to collaborate to promote their youth for building a dynamic, responsible and professional team.

Youth is not limited to the concept of muscle or age number, we believe that youth is the way of positive thinking, the responsibility, the fervency. As long as we have that, no matter what our age, we still have the youth, still happy, optimistic and enthusiastic. This is the foundation for Sacombank to launch the program named: “SPREAD SACOMBANK’S YOUTH”, led by CEO Nguyen Duc Thach Diem, with the aim of encouraging employees across the system to raise awareness of strengthening physical health, promoting the will of determination and creativity to gain significant achievements in work and their own life, following the motto: Sacombank people are physically and mentally strong.

Take a look at Sacombank environment, we can realize the young and dynamic atmosphere that is spreading more strongly than ever on daily activities. Besides, a number of key activities have created a highlight for the spirit of youth in action. It is the program "Youth connection, deliver success" which is the first time gathering all the heads of all Sacombank's transaction offices in Saigon to interact with the CEO and the Board of Directors on 29 March. The activities "Orienting thinking - Changing life" from North to South areas to connect students together which has just started with Hanoi Finance Academy on April 18. Next, in May and June, Sacombank will organize the first centralized and holistic marathon campaign at many provinces in Vietnam. At the same time, the cultural activities and exchange will be actively responded by all the units throughout the system.

"Sacombank Youth" is one of the employee care policies implemented by Sacombank over the past 27 years. With the motto of "Customer centric - Human resource is the main resource", the Bank always focuses on training and retaining human resources to meet the market's leading standards. Particularly, Sacombank has implemented online training courses, organizing scientific seminars to help employees identify the strengths that need to be promoted as well as the weaknesses to be strengthen and improved in order to increase capacity and productivity. In addition to providing professional knowledge, enhancing communication skill and customer service attitude, Sacombank's employees are also taken care of their private life, cultivate, physically training to improve spiritual values. Typically, in 2018, Sacombank has increased 7% of the salary budget to adjust the income for staff, the incentive program and recognition awards... This policy has contributed significantly to increase employee retention rate, attract and develop human resources. At the same year, the Bank also implemented employee satisfaction survey, the leadership program to nurture its staff and timely serve employee’s desires.

It can be said that the experience in 27 years has helped Sacombank to consolidate many lessons on managing human resources. In the future, Sacombank aims to build a brand that based on its core resources – the inner force of each employee to strengthen Sacombank goodwill in terms of recruitment and training in the labor market in general and financial - banking industry in particular. The "SACOMBANK YOUTH" program also aims to create a dynamic, youthful and happy working environment for the staff to accompany Sacombank's sustainable development.