Live Green – Get Gifts with Sacombank credit card


From October 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, Sacombank will launch the promotion of "Live Green – Get Gift" for all individual customers across the country who already had or open new Sacombank international credit card. The program includes many environmental-friendly gifts and health protection such as: 9 Vinfast Klara electric motorbikes, 30 Xiaomi vacuum cleaners, 60 Sharp air purifiers, 120 Philips oil-free fryers, 300 juice extractors Philips and thousands of thermostats and stainless steel straws.

For customers who open a new card, and having a payment transaction of VND 1 million or more within 15 days after activating the card, customers will be offered a thermos cup and stainless steel straw. Each customer gets a gift once.

For customers who already owned the card, with each payment of at least VND 1 million, customers will receive 1 lucky draw code to participate in the lucky draw and have the opportunity to win the first prize - Vinfast Klara electric motorbike, second prize - Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot, third prize - Sharp air purifier, fourth prize - Philips oil-free fryer or consolation prize - Philips juicer. The number of lucky draw codes is doubled for 0% interest installment or authorized to pay bills and triple for overseas payment transactions.

Sacombank international credit card is an essential backup financial source for all spending needs with many utilities such as: unlimited maximum credit limit; pre-paid, post-paid purchases are entitled to interest free up to 55 days without collateral; Pay and withdraw money from around the world, especially by touching cards on POS machines or scanning QR codes at global card acceptance points and withdrawing without plastic cards by scanning QR codes at Sacombank ATMs on nationwide; shopping via Internet; accumulate reward points to exchange gifts when shopping; 0% interest installment purchase anywhere, anytime; up to 50% off when eating, drinking, shopping, traveling; actively making transactions via e-banking channels, applying Sacombank Pay ... The condition for opening a card is customers having income of VND 5 million / month for those live in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and VND 3 million / month for other province’s residents.

For further information, please contact Hotline 1900 5555 88 or 028 3526 6060; access website and register online at website