Modern bank and Corporations in 4.0 revolution


In the era of globalization, competition is increasing dramatically. Each step of the business without making a difference will be difficult for achieving outstanding competitive advantage in the market. As a reputable domestic financial institution, Sacombank has affirmed itself by 3 strengths which are people, procedures, and technology to pioneering in diversifying products and services to serve the increasingly diverse needs of customers, especially corporate customers.

Human Resource is the most important factor

 In the context of the bank's products seem to be similar, creating exclusive specialized products is very difficult. Therefore, to make a difference, banks are increasingly focusing in investing in human resources, or in other words, create added value for services; It is no longer merely a supply of products, but it is translating into providing better experiences for customers. 

At Sacombank, the Bank has built a skilled, professional and enthusiastic team who making a bridge to bring banking utilities to businesses in the most practical way. By the end of the first quarter of 2019, the staff working in the Business Banking Division was more than 500 people. Besides, Sacombank also structured its organization into 3 main groups: SMEs; big corporates and FDI customers. Besides, Sacombank has formed strategic partnership with Resona Bank to establish a business development team for Japanese customer segment (Japanese desk) with key staffs are native speakers, who understand languages and corporate culture; are members of the FDI Enterprise Association with direct investment from Korea (Korcham) and other authorities to support Korean businesses before, during and after investing in Vietnam.  

Simplifying procedure process

 For businesses, time is value as opportunity and money. Therefore, building bank service utilities to help businesses reduce time and streamline procedures is a business trend focused by Sacombank. Many products and services have been deployed by Sacombank to fulfill this goal. Specifically, the Electronic Fund Transfer service can facilitate businesses actively transfer money anytime, anywhere without having to queue at the counter. Along with online solutions, businesses can enjoy the time reducing in waiting for the money transfer order as before. Besides, 2 creating and approving steps help to ensure the absolute safety when making money transfer orders. Enterprises can also be fully proactive in monitoring the Bank's progress on the system, storing online transactions done in detail and receiving money transfer right after the Bank approves on its system…

These utilities have contributed to saving a huge amount of resources and costs in traveling, printing, storing documents... In order to encourage businesses to experience this superior service, Sacombank is implementing the preferential program which discounting 40% on service fees for all international electronic fund transfer to June 30, 2019. With "Electronic tax payment" service, through the connection with the electronic portal, the taxes managed by the tax authorities and the customs authorities are handled quickly and accurately, helping businesses saving time and traveling costs and enjoying the convenience of the service. With the advantages of modern technology at Sacombank, businesses can perform services 24/7, even in public holidays. In another aspect, Sacombank is also the first bank to deploy the "Electronic Invoice" service with a variety of applicable fees. This service has an outstanding utility that proactively registers and looks up information on bill fee that the bank has collected without having to go to the bank to process it.

Online trading - modern payment solution.

 Besides human resources, simplifying procedures, Sacombank is also one of the pioneering banks in applying modern technology to banking transactions, anticipating the non-cash payment trend of the financial market. Launching in 2009, Sacombank's e-banking service entered the banking market impressively. By the end of the first quarter of 2019, there were more than 85,000 businesses using Internet Banking service to perform daily transactions such as checking accounts; transfer payment to partners and making electricity, water, telecommunications payments... to experience other outstanding utilities: opening, closing online deposit accounting without limits at high interest rates...

At Sacombank, businesses can easily register tax online including electronic tax payment service - Domestic tax and import and export tax and pay salary for employees up to 1,000 people only by a transaction; make schedule for future money transfer; Making many transactions at the same time within and outside Sacombank system to many different recipients; transfer to 50 beneficiaries at the same time; making online international payment... In particular, the Bank also sends multilingual messages or emails (Vietnamese and English) announcing transactions, reminding due date to help businesses manage financial situation better.

It can be seen that, when transparency is manage better, Vietnamese consumers have more opportunities to access the leading financial services at home and abroad. And Sacombank is always ready to improve the existing products and services to meet the increasing needs of businesses in particular and Vietnam's economy in general.