Open saving account to receive health care insurance package at Sacombank


With the message "Accompanying your health", from April 22, 2019, Sacombank has launched a special promotion program - Immediately present health care insurance package with total benefits up to VND1.4 billion for customers with term savings of 6 months or more.

Specifically, when saving from VND 500 million for a 6-month term or from VND 300 million for a 12-month term, customers will immediately receive health insurance packages: Standard Package (value VND800,000), Premium Package (value VND2 million) and VIP Package (value VND4 million).

The insurance package provides customers with attractive medical and health benefits such as: compensation of inpatient medical expenses up to VND 250 million / year, compensation of outpatient medical expenses up to VND12 million / year, hospitalization allowance designated by doctors up to VND18 million / year, death insurance caused by illness, maternity up to VND100 million / year and accident insurance up to VND1, 1 billion / year. Simple and fast claim process with effective time to claim up to 120 days. Customers are exempt from waiting time as well as transferring ownership of the above insurance packages to their relatives.

For details information, please kindly contact:

  • Website: or all Sacombank POS nation wide
  • Hotline 24/7: 1900 5555 88
  • Email:

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