Sacombank increased its companion with businesses


In the development trend of the economy, the demand for capital to expand production and business activities of enterprises is becoming more and more necessary than ever. However, in fact, enterprises encounter many barriers in the process of approaching capital funding. Understanding that bottleneck, Sacombank has implemented many flexible and preferential solutions and policies to support removing difficulties to accompany businesses.

Currently, businesses operating in the less consumed energy, environmentally friendly fields... are being encouraged by the Government. In order to accompany the policy of the Government, Sacombank has just launched a preferential package of VND 5,500 billion with a low interest rate of only 6.25% per annum for businesses in these fields. In addition, this incentive package is also available to import-export, high-tech, supporting industry, small and medium-sized businesses.... which is in line with the orientation of the Government. Besides preferential interest rates, Sacombank also improved streamlined loan procedures – which is simpler to save time and costs for business through Quick Loan products.

With the growing trend of technology, Sacombank has also completed online trading solutions via website as well as Ebanking to help customers take advantage of every business opportunity. Accordingly, businesses can register for transaction needs through online loan registration service to shorten loan procedures at the website (Tab "Online loan registration" for business customers).

In order to optimize cash flow for businesses, to meet the demand for flexible and quick funding, Sacombank has implemented Overdraft products with automatic debt collection feature, which helps businesses minimized interest rates. In addition, Sacombank also provides credit cards for businesses with many utilities in managing expenditures, helping to separate corporate spending from individuals for small expenditures with attractive incentives.

For long-term corporate customers, Sacombank also issued Sacombank Sapphire preferential policy. Accordingly, enterprises with members class from silver upwards will receive such incentives as: service fee discount, preferred interest rates and credit rates, VIP health insurance packages, Visa Infinite incentive packages, Sacombank Imperial incentive service packages...

By offering diversed products and services, with preferential capital resource and customer-centric business model, Sacombank is always ready to provide its corporate customers with flexible financial solutions and help corporates to optimize the efficiency of capital spending, to increase the competitiveness and to expand the operational scale which is in line with Sacombank’s spirit: Together We Grow.