Sacombank offers great discounts for cardholders on the Single Day celebration


On the Single Day - November 11, from November 9, 2019 to November 11, 2019, Sacombank launches a promotion program "Single day - Special offer" for all customers who own Sacombank international credit or Sacombank Pay mobile application account (authenticated) with 11% cashback, up to VND 1,100,000 for online shopping bills from VND 1,100,000 or more. Before shopping, customers register for the program by texting 8149 (VND 1,500) with the syntax THE SALE1111. The offer applies to the first 750 customers with eligible transactions, each customer is entitled to a one-time refund.

In November, all Sacombank cardholders also enjoy many privileges and discounts when shopping, using beauty & eating service such as: VND 400,000 off the bill from VND 2 million at Lazada; 15 - 20% cashback, up to VND 150,000 on SenPay wallet for bills from VND 500,000 at Sendo; 15% discount or gift vouchers worth VND 3 million at Efora handbags chain stores; discount 10%, maximum VND 100,000 for receipt from VND 700,000 at Shopee; 15 - 20% off at Botani cosmetics; 20% discount at Nitipon Clinic treatment and skin care system; 15% off at Mediheal cosmetics; discount 10%, maximum VND 100,000 at system; beauty package with special discounts at PPP Laser Clinic system; up to 15% off food service on the Saigon Sensation yacht; 10 - 15% off from Monday to Friday at Down Town Steakhouse restaurants...
Sacombank international credit card is an essential backup financial source for all expense with many utilities such as: unlimited maximum credit limit; pre-paid, post-paid purchases are entitled to interest free up to 55 days without collateral; Pay and withdraw money from around the world, especially by touching cards on POS machines or scanning QR codes at global card acceptance locations and withdrawing without plastic cards by scanning QR codes at Sacombank ATMs nationwide; shopping via Internet; accumulate reward points to redeem gifts / miles when shopping; 0% interest installment purchase anywhere, anytime; up to 50% off when eating, drinking, shopping, traveling; actively making transactions via e-banking channels, applying Sacombank Pay... The condition for opening a card is residents who has income of VND 5 million / month if they lives in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and VND 3 million / month if staying in other provinces.
Sacombank Pay is a financial management application, fully integrated with modern banking features and utilities to provide customers with many interesting experiences in digital banking such as: linking with domestic cards and international of all banks; Easy to deposit / transfer money into the application; cash withdrawal without a plastic card; transfer money to any recipient via account, card, mobile phone number or personal QR code; proactively manage cards and accounts; hotel reservation; buy car / train tickets; split eating and shopping bills with friends; top-up mobile phone with discounts up to 6.5%; pay multi-sector invoices and authorize automatic payment trust; register and manage 0% interest installment purchases; Find transaction points, ATMs and latest offers…. Especially from now until 31/01/2020, customers will receive Got It gift voucher worth VND 300,000 when buying air tickets with a transaction value of VND 1,500,000 (unlimited number of tickets / time implementation) and Got It gift voucher worth VND 100,000 when buying a bus or train ticket with a transaction value of VND 500,000 (unlimited number of tickets / time) on Sacombank Pay. Customers can download Sacombank Pay from App Store or Google Play for free to mobile devices and register account with a phone number.
For further information, please contact Hotline Hotline 1900 5555 88 or 028 3526 6060; access to website and register card online at website