Sacombank spent VND 9,000 billion of preferential capital for corporates.


Sacombank has just launch the first lending package of up to VND 9000 billion with preferential interest rates from only 7% per year for corporate customers. This offer is applied until June 30, 2019.

Accordingly, this is a low-interest loan package that is applicable to most corporate customers operating in industries such as plastics, seafood, rubber, animal feed, construction materials, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, textiles, footwear... With this loan package, customers, especially newly established corporates, will be facilitated to access bank loans.

In 2018, Sacombank reserved many preferential loan packages for corporate customers up to VND15,000 billion. In addition, for the purpose of achieaving a comprehensive online banking transaction, increasing efficiency and activeness in terms of time consuming for customers, Sacombank organized programs to accompany to the development of corporates which named "Corporate Bank 4.0" includes promotion and many incentives in terms of transaction fees up to nearly VND10 billion. In addition, customers can look up electronic documents (guarantee documents, deposit contracts) in QR Code in an active, modern, convenient and secured way.

With the "customer centric" motto, Sacombank always strives to ensure available capital source to contribute the economic growth through the segment of corporate customers as well as bringing the perfect service product experience for customers.

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