Customers who save at Sacombank are given preferential promotion to buy insurance


From now to the end of June 30, 2020, Sacombank offers many incentives for individual customers who deposit savings to buy in Dai-ichi Life Vietnam insurance, distributed via Sacombank.

Specifically, customers with a total deposit amount (traditional savings or online deposits) from VND 500 million with a tenor from 06 months when buying Dai-ichi Life Vietnam insurance distributed through Sacombank will receive cash back up to VND 3 million. The cash back amount will be deposited into the customer's Sacombank Pay account. In addition, customers can also give an increasing in interest rate of 0.2% / year for savings with tenor from 6 to 11 months and 15 to 36 months; 0.15% / year for tenor 12 months.

Sacombank is the exclusive insurance agent of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam from September 6, 2017. After nearly 3 years of cooperation, by the end of April 2020, bancassurance product between Sacombank and Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has reached VND 2,000 billion in terms of premium revenue.

The product An Tam Hanh Phuc (Secured Happiness) of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam Insurance perfectly integrates 3 solutions: efficient accumulation, comprehensive protection and flexible choice, helping customers proactively plan their future. Flexible policy period from 11 years to 25 years. In addition to the death benefit, the customer will receive an additional 20% of premium in case of death due to accident or death due to cancer, worth up to VND 1 billion. Particularly, the benefit of death due to a special accident will receive an additional 50% of premium, worth up to VND 2.5 billion. In addition, towards the goal of accompanying and sharing each important milestone in life such as marriage, childbirth, child studying journey..., customers are entitled to increase the value of protection up to 50% of the premium, up to VND 500 million without health assessment. In addition to An Tam Hanh Phuc (Secured Happiness), Sacombank and Dai-ichi Life Vietnam are also deploying many insurance products with many outstanding utilities to protect customers comprehensively against risks in life like An Tam Dau Tu (Secured Investment), Nang Buoc Tuong Lai (Facilitate Future), Dai Gia An Phuc (Family Prosperity)...

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