"Easy transaction - Receive thousands of gifts" with Sacombank


From September 21, 2020 to November 15, 2020, Sacombank launched the promotion program "Easy transaction - Receive thousands of gifts" with a total prize value of up to nearly VND 2.5 billion for personal customers using Sacombank eBanking include Internet Banking (www.isacombank.com.vn) and Mobile Banking (Sacombank mBanking app).

Specifically, 22,000 earliest new customers who register for Sacombank eBanking will receive a Sacombank umbrella; 200 customers who log in for the first time and have success transactions such as online payment / transfer / deposit opening / purchase of air tickets, ships, bus ... every day will be awarded VND50,000 (each customer money is rewarded once). In particular, 200 customers who successfully transfer money to other banks at the earliest each day calculated in multiples of 100 (for example, transaction #100, #200, #300, #400, #500 ...) will receive VND50,000 (each customer gets money many times). The reward amount will be deposited into the customer's account / card.

Sacombank eBanking is a financial management solution, fully integrated with modern banking features and facilities, providing customers with many experiences in the digital banking field. Highly appreciated by experts and customers, Sacombank has been constantly improving and ensure security and fast transaction facilities anytime, anywhere. In addition to the basic functions such as: internal - external money transfer, bill payment, credit card payment, loan payment, prepaid phone / card top up, postpaid travel ticket payment, sale foreign currency ..., Sacombank eBanking also offers many advanced utilities such as: buying air ticket / train / bus, booking hotel, buying non-life insurance; money transfer to Visa / MasterCard; money transfer - Receive by mobile phone; making payment by QR code; deposit securities, online savings, register online deposit mortgage loan and many other services ...

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