"Pay a water bill – Get a 50% refund" with Sacombank


Sacombank has launched the "Pay a water bill – Get a 50% refund" promotion program for individual customers who pay water bills with Sacombank e-Banking service (i.e. Internet Banking or Mobile Banking) or authorize an automatic water bill payment in 39 provinces (please visit khuyenmai.sacombank.com to view the list). The program is effective from October 15 to November 30, 2020.

The promotion applies for the first 100 bill payments every day to meet the requirement of a water bill payment for the first time through e-banking service in 2020 or an automatic water bill payment during the promotion period. Customers get a 50% refund of a water bill amount, up to VND50,000, that will be transferred to customers’ accounts after the program ends. Each bill (with each customer ID) will only be refunded one time.

Sacombank e-Banking is a financial management tool, fully integrated with modern banking features and utility services, providing customers with exciting experience of the digital banking, highly appreciated by professionals and trusted by customers. Sacombank has been constantly enhancing secure and fast payment feature of its e-Banking service for customers to make transactions anytime, anywhere. In addition to basic services, such as internal transfer, external transfer, bill payment, credit card payment, mobile top-up, prepaid card top-up, foreign currency exchange, etc, customers can also buy airline tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, book a hotel, purchase non-life insurance, transfer funds to Visa cards, MasterCard cards, send and receive money through mobile phone, pay by QR code, deposit to securities company and use other services with Sacombank e-Banking.

With an automatic bill payment service, customers only need to set up one time, Sacombank will automatically transfer money from customers' accounts or credit card accounts to pay certain vendors on a regular basis. Sacombank has currently expanded their number of participating merchants to more than 300 nationwide, helping customers pay unlimited bills for electricity, water, telecommunications, cable TV, tuition, and more quickly and conveniently.

For more information, please contact our transaction offices nationwide, call us at 1900 5555 88 (hotline), email to ask@sacombank.com or visit the website www.sacombank.com.vn.