Sacombank adjust interest rate continuously in favor for customers


From June 04, 2020, Sacombank will increase deposit rate to both interest rate bracket which can be applicable to individual customers and corporate customers. This move of Sacombank is contrary to the trend of the reducing interest rate of market. Together with a series of previous actions which aim to accompanie to the customers to overcome the complex happening of Covid 19 pandemic, Sacombank will continues to share profit to increase benefit and contribute to stabilize psychological for customers.

Increase deposit interest rate, reduce loan interest rate
Acording that, Sacombank focuses on increasing deposit interest rate for short terms from 1 – 8 months. Specifically, the terms from 1 to 5 months increase up to maximum of 0.2% for individuals and 0.25% for businesses, ranging from 4.5% - 4.75%/year, ensuring follow exactly the ceiling of interest rate of the State Bank. The terms from 6 – 8 months have the increasing from 0.05% - 0.3%. Especially, Sacombank applies higher interest rate of 0.3-0.5% for online deposit, compared to at-the-counter transactions.
Ms. Nguyen Duc Thach Diem – Member of the Board of Directors cum CEO of Sacombank said that:“At the present, almost businesses have been negatively affecting by the Covid-19 pandemic, Sacombank is not exception but we determine that the accompanying role of Sacombank and the banking system in general to the economy in the current context is very important. The State Bank is implementing many methods to stabilize the market. We have decided to share part of our profit to benefit our clients as well as to keep them optimistic, lending a helping hand to the government for the pandemic eradication”
Before that, from March 31, 2020, lending interest range at Sacombank to all customers was adjusted to reduce from 0,5% - 1% in order to create more conditions to access the capital for individual customers and corporate customers. Besides, customers can also access the special loan capital which has been deployed by Sacombank since February 21, 2020 and worth billion 10.000 VNĐ with interest rate down up to 2%. Especially, Sacombank also applied the policy of renewing the debt structure and reducing the loan interest for the customers who have been negatively affecting by the Covid 19 pandemic.
Join hands to prevent and combat Covid-19
In order to join hand to prevent and combat Covid 19 pandemic, Sacombank recommends customers to increasing use of online transaction channels such as Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Sacombank Pay, ATM, online shopping via card payment. At present, Sacombank is applying many attractive promotions sush as exemption / reduction of remittance fee, reduction / refund of shopping, offer preferential deposit interest/loan on online channels with total preferential value nearly of billion 5 VND.