Sacombank debit cardholders will receive refund every day when shopping


From now to the end of November 30, 2020, Sacombank will launch the "Shopping Cashback" program for all Sacombank debit cardholders, including domestic and international cards (except for supplementary cards, Signature Debit and Cashback Debit). The total amount of money that Sacombank gives back to cardholders during the program is expected to be nearly 1.2 billion dong.

Accordingly, when arising the first payment transaction of the day from VND 2 million, the cardholders will be refunded from 0.5 - 1%, up to VND 50,000 / transaction / day. Thus, each month the cardholders can be refunded up to VND1,500,000. Cashback amount from transactions in a month will be transferred by Sacombank to the cardholder's payment account from the 15th to 20th of the following month.

In addition, from now to the end of December 31, 2020, with the ongoing Cashback - Winning iPad program, customers open new or have opened Sacombank Mastercard debit cards but have not had any transactions (card issuance period from March 1, 2020) will be refunded VND100,000 for the first payment with a bill value from VND300,000. In particular, all existing Sacombank Mastercard debit cardholders with the highest value of valid transactions and reaching minimum transaction volume of VND 50 million will have the opportunity to receive iPad Pro 11 Inch 128 GB Wifi at the end of each review phase, there will be 2 iPads for phase 1 from August 12 to September 30, 2020, 2 iPads for phase 2 from October 1 to November 15, 2020, and 2 for iPads for phase 3 from November 16 to December 31, 2020. To participate in the consideration, before making a transaction, customers send a text message with the syntax THE MASTER [last 4 numbers of the card] and send to 8149. The program applies to online payment transactions (Ecom), POS / mPOS swipe or scan a QR code with value from VND300,000 (not cumulative), overseas transactions / foreign websites are getting double the number of transactions.

Sacombank debit card is the perfect way for customers to manage their finances safely and securely. The card helps customers connect to their deposit accounts at Sacombank to withdraw cash, actively look up information, use money in the account for transactions, payments, shopping at merchants or via the E-Banking System of Sacombank, Sacombank Pay application ...

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