Sacombank gave 8 cars as rewards to customers in the program "Unified Spring - Grateful Tet"


On the new year of 2021, Sacombank has launched the program "Unified Spring - Grateful Tet" with a special prize of 8 Vinfast Fadil cars together with other incentives and valuable gifts for individual and corporate customers using products and services at the bank from 01/01/2021 with a total value of over VND30 billion.

Accordingly, customers will receive a prize code to participate in the dial-up program with a prize structure of 8 Vinfast Fadil cars, 14 iPhone 12 Pro, 18 Apple Watch vouchers, 26 iPad 8, 60 Remax gift sets (including power bank, bluetooth speaker, headset), and 1,300 Remax power bank when doing the following transactions at Sacombank from 01/01/2021 to 02/28/2021: Open saving account from VND5 million, with a term of 1-12 months; term savings (30 - 99 days); Open Middle-aged welfare savings from VND10 million or Accumulative Savings related products, Phu Dong Savings, Future deposits, with the amount from VND1 million at Sacombank transaction offices or online channels (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Sacombank Pay); First login to E-banking (including Internet Banking, Mobile Banking) or making interbank 24/7 money transfer transaction from VND5 million on E-banking.

In addition, the first 200 customers who log into E-banking for the first time each day will be offered VND50,000 (not applicable to customers who use the query system only). Existing customers or newly activated E-banking users at the same time having new participation in Dai-ichi Life Vietnam insurance will be refunded up to 10% when paying first term premium. Particularly from January 4, 2020 to March 31, 2021, customers who save VND100 million with a term of 3-6 months when participating in Dai-ichi Life Vietnam will receive a corresponding refund of 1% / year balance by deposit term.

During 2021, Sacombank cardholders who make online payments or POS payments will be refunded 1% for international transactions and 0.5% for domestic transactions. Offer applies to the first transaction of the day with value from VND2 million and cashback amount up to VND18 million / customer.

From January 1, 2021 to February 11, 2021, when buying air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets or booking a hotel room on Mobile Banking or Sacombank Pay app, customers will get a 50% refund, up to VND200,000.

From January 11, 2021 to February 11, 2021, when shopping online at Vnshop on Mobile Banking or Sacombank Pay, customers will receive a discount of 50%, up to 2 times / week and VND100,000 / time.

Besides, from January 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021, Sacombank also offers many incentives for corporate customers such as free payment accounts, e-banking, account transactions, payroll service… In particular, businesses are also free to choose a preferential 6-digit account when opening a new payment account and free annual fee for the first year when opening a new credit card or debit card. From now to February 5, 2021, existing businesses with the highest amount of credit card or payment card transactions will receive a premium travel suitcase or an Omron thermometer.


Sacombank is issuing long-term deposit certificates for all individual and corporate customers. This is a safe and stable investment channel deployed by Sacombank to optimize choices for customers. Buying certificate of long-term deposit with minimum par value of VND1 million, term of 7 years (84 months), customers will receive an interest rate of 7% / year. Customers can pay early, or obtain mortgage certificates of deposit with preferential interest rates.

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