Sacombank implements 3D-Secure authentication for JCB International Card


Sacombank implements a 3D-Secure authentication method for JCB international credit cards to enhance security for online payments. Accordingly, when transacting on e-commerce websites or shopping applications, after entering card information, customers need to enter the OTP verification code sent via SMS or generated by Token / mSign application in order to complete the payment.

This is the highest security method for online payment transactions, helping to protect the benefits of cardholders and e-commerce businesses, avoiding risks such as fraudulent transactions, card information frauds... So far, Sacombank has applied the 3D-Secure for free to all international Visa, Mastercard and JCB cards issued by banks.

In addition, Sacombank has just received a PCI-DSS card payment security certificate version 3.2.1 (the latest version) in 2020. This is the 7th consecutive year that Sacombank successfully retains this certificate.